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Enterprise support, development, and expertise from the co-founder, maintainers, and lead developers of Apiman.

  • Access to team that created and maintains Apiman
  • Rapid support response, from 1 hour
  • 24/7/365 incident support available
  • Answers to your developer questions
  • Bundled with a range of valuable services
  • Includes BPL Enterprise, our suite of enhanced functionality and integrations for Apiman
Black Parrot Labs is here to support enterprises using Apiman. We provide a range of professional services, including long-term support and integration expertise to ensure your Apiman projects are successful now, and into the future.

Enterprise Support Lifecycle Policy for Apiman

Long-term Stability and Confidence

Many enterprise users of Apiman want to remain on older versions for longer, with stability and maintenance preferred over new features, migration risk, and potentially breaking changes. These are different to the upstream, which moves much faster.

By default, we offer a clearly-defined support lifecycle with 4 years for each major version, with extended support also available as an extra service.

Patches produced under long-term support are not available in the upstream, as this is a considerable extra effort we provide for our customers.

BPL follows an industry standard support lifecycle involving 3 phases, during which we ensure you can continue to use older versions of Apiman and remain secure and supported.

When a new major version of Apiman becomes available upstream, we will let you know if and when it will become supported. In some cases, we will skip upstream versions that are very short-lived or less stable.  

Subscribers are notified directly when relevant support-only patches and releases are available, including responsive security patches.

We are responsive to customer feedback and requests if support for a particular major version is important.

Full Support

All major and minor upgrades, all available security patches, plus qualified new features.

Qualified new features are features from newer versions of Apiman that BPL has carefully selected, assessed, and tested as being compatible.

Maintenance Support

All available security patches and critical bug fixes.

This ensures that everything keeps running smoothly, but we will not backport any new features.

Extended Life Support

Available as an add-on that is sold separately, you can extend maintenance for a further 2 years, and request high-priority fixes.

Support Lifecycle

The following table outlines Black Parrot Lab's planned long-term support lifecycle for current major Apiman releases.

We provide support based upon the latest available minor and patch version for a given major release. We will always reach out to you when a new supported version is released, and help you keep up-to-date with minimal fuss. Updates are released as required by BPL, and each new supported minor release will aggregate all previous patches and fixes.

When a new major version of Apiman becomes available upstream, we will let you know if and when it will become supported. In some cases, we will skip upstream versions that are very short-lived or less stable. Let us know if a particular major version is important to your organisation.


Full Support

Included in support subscriptions

Maintenance Support

Included in support subscriptions

Extended Support

Purchased Separately
21st April, 2022
21st April, 2024
22nd April, 2024
22nd April, 2026
1st Jan, 2023
1st Jan, 2025
2nd Jan, 2025
2nd Jan, 2027
3rd Jan, 2027
3rd Jan, 2029

We do our utmost to ensure stability in long-term supported versions of Apiman, but there may be rare cases where components and dependencies downstream of Apiman have been deprecated and/or impose breaking changes that are difficult to avoid.

We will work closely with you to mitigate any disruption if this were to occur, including exploring solutions such as maintaining our own versions of libraries and actively helping you migrate.

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