Backporting critical features and fixes to Apiman 2 for change-sensitive customer

A client who operates in a strict environment that prefers to minimise version upgrades wanted metrics and logging features backported to a customised Apiman 2.x fork they maintain.

BPL assisted in this, using our unparalleled knowledge of the Apiman codebase (we implemented the changes, after all!).

Enhancing Apiman Elasticsearch metrics to capture arbitrary headers and write to file

A client's customer required Apiman write Elasticsearch metrics to disk instead of directly to the ES server.

Working closely with our client, BPL enhanced Apiman's Elasticsearch metrics implementation to asynchronously write metrics as to disk as JSON, with example configurations and detailed instructions.

Exposing APIs outside of an Apiman Organisation: A SQL-based implicit permissions system

A Black Parrot Labs client requested the ability to expose APIs to consumers who are not members of their organisation in Apiman. This required Apiman to be retrofitted with an implicit read permissions system.

In this detailed case study, we outline how BPL achieved this significant piece of work.

Streaming Apiman events to external consumers via Kafka

Apiman produces business events that a client needed in order to drive external business processes.

Black Parrot Labs retrofitted Apiman with an event subsystem that allows Apiman's events to be transactionally published into Kafka using the industry-standard CloudEvents format.

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