Backporting critical features and fixes to Apiman 2 for change-sensitive customer


BPL's client Integrator operates in a strict environment where their customer Telco is sensitive to changes.

Integrator had approached BPL on a few occasions previously to assist with optimisation, emergency incident support, and providing assistance for fixing a variety of issues that appeared to be related to API Management (it turns out they were not -- but we helped track down and fix the root cause).

Integrator is responsible for a subset of systems within a very large deployment. Some issues had arisen that meant Integrator and API Management had been (mis)identified as the source of. To provide the data necessary to prove otherwise, Integrator needed enhancements from newer versions of Apiman to provide more advanced logging and metrics capabilities.

Services Rendered

BPL undertook an extensive backporting exercise, bringing in a subset of features and fixes needed to successfully gather the information that Integrator required. As the original authors of much of the code involved, we have an unparalleled knowledge of the Apiman codebase; this is a task that would be difficult or impossible without our depth of knowledge.

Working closely with Integrator, we verified and tested the changes on their custom fork, including a series of meetings with their operations, engineering, and engineering management teams to ensure that everything was working correctly.


The additional data proved valuable to the operational team and helped identify the root cause of the problem the client had been misidentified as the cause of.

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