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Sponsored Apiman contributions for vendors

If you are a vendor that would like a first-class Apiman integration with your product, then we can work with you to contribute an implementation to the Apiman upstream (or privately, if you wish).

For example, if you have a metrics store or database that you would like supported in Apiman, we can design, implement, test, and contribute a robust implementation on your behalf.

We've successfully delivered a wide array of integrations for Apiman already, from Elasticsearch and Prometheus, to InfluxDB and a variety of SQL databases.

We can also create Apiman policy plugins and other extensions to help integrate Apiman with your platform. We work closely with our clients throughout the project, ensuring it matches their needs and expectations, and providing direct access to the Apiman expertise you need. We are happy to work directly with a client's technical team to ensure we produce a top-notch result.

As the maintainers of Apiman and co-founders of the project, nobody knows Apiman better!

Book Recommendations

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